10 Ways Watches Have Evolved

The Quartz Be With You
Made by Seiko Time (UK) Ltd, London, this watch was one of the first quartz watches ever made. The first quartz watch on the market, the Seiko 35SQ Astron, was identical to this watch except that it did not have a date indicator. (SSPL/Getty Images)

The electric watch didn't die entirely on its own. Quartz movement also had a hand in its death (another pun intended). On Christmas Day in 1969 (did no one teach these people about seasonal marketing?), the Seiko 35SQ Astron was introduced in Japan. The quartz watch had no moving parts, and therefore needed no winding, no cleaning and no tiny tuning fork. It was even more shock resistant than previous watches because there simply wasn't much to shock when you accidentally whacked it against your desk.