10 Technologies Kids Already Don’t Know How to Use

“I have NO IDEA what this does!” © Aigars Reinholds/iStockphoto

There are always generation gaps between people born in different eras, but nothing makes them so obvious as technology. New gadgets come into being and become obsolete within just a few years. Lots of items that seem like they didn't come out all that long ago to us adults have already evolved into unrecognizability to children who are old enough to use the latest high-tech gadgetry (which these days probably starts at 3).

At the time of this writing, 15-year-olds were born around 2000, 10-year-olds around 2005 and 5-year-olds around 2010. These kids were born during or shortly after some pretty major shifts in our tech, from hardcopy to cloud-based software, from difficult-to-access Internet to 24/7 connectivity, from pagers and cell phones to smartphones, and from desktops and laptops to mobile computing. A lot of devices have, in fact, been driven to extinction (or near extinction) by smartphone apps that replicated their functionality.

With that in mind, here are 10 bits of tech today's adults used as youngsters, or even just a few years ago, that now seem like barely decipherable ancient relics to today's always-wired children.