10 Tips for Scanning Old Photos


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More like "Free-casa."
More like "Free-casa."
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Not all of us have fancy equipment to make our faces flawless and straighten our teeth. But once your picture is scanned, you might realize that your old elementary photos could use a bit of brightening or touching up that you don't have the program for.

Luckily, there are several Web-based programs that allow you to edit your pictures online after uploading them. Picasa is Google's free, Web-based photo sharing site that allows you to not only share and organize photos but also to edit them. Picnik.com also allows you to edit online through Flickr.com, but it will be moving its services to Google+ in April 2012.

While these sites offer a Web-based version of the master image, you'll also want to back up the images in more than one place. Along with the original images on your hard drive, store copies of the photos on DVDs or an external drive.

Now that your old photos are safely scanned, edited, stored and uploaded, check out lots more information about photography technology.

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