5 Low Light Photography Tips

Reknowned Getty Image photographer Brett Stirton describes some of his vivid imagery and the real-life stories behind them, in this video from Discovery Channel.

Photography is, by definition, capturing light onto some medium, such as film or digital media. Naturally, the amount of light captured makes a difference in the quality of the photograph. Too little light, and the photo is dark; too much light, and the photo is blown out. At either extreme, the final photograph lacks details that the photographer may have been trying to capture.

Low light photography is all about capturing a good picture with minimal illumination. Basically, this means keeping the shutter open long enough and wide enough to let in sufficient light. Beyond the basics, today's cameras include several features to improve a dimly-lit photo, including adjustments for flash, color, focus and depth of field.

Ready to wade through these camera features and create the perfect low light photographs? We offer five tips for getting that perfect shot, even in dimly lit environments.