5 Ways NFC Technology Could Rock Your World

Your Friendly Network Facilitator

You already know that NFC is good for sharing and transactions. It's also a handy way to quickly pair two devices so that they can exchange information via higher-speed networks, and in this sense, NFC could be heaven-sent, doing away with convoluted encryption schemes and long-winded, clunky passwords.

For example, if you and your co-worker are stranded at an airport and want to play a team racing game on your smartphones, you won't have to deal with a tedious configuration process. Instead, you can just tap your phones, and the NFC connection will authenticate your phones and let you immediately share a faster type of connection, such as Bluetooth or WiFi.

Want to print a photo that's on your phone? Tap your smartphone to an NFC inkjet printer and you can quickly start the print job. Or skip the printer and place your phone right next to your smart HDTV, and watch as your images appear on the screen without the need to set up a connection.

Now you know some of the ways that NFC might just live up to its hype in the next few years. While you're anxiously awaiting these marvelous new technologies, you can stay up to date on the latest NFC news and speculation at NFC Rumors.com, which details the many products and services that will put the power of NFC to use.

You can also jump into the fray and find an NFC -capable phone using this handy list. These phones might be your first taste of a wireless standard that will likely wow you and millions of others with its capabilities for a long time to come.

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