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Top 10 Myths About Apple

Apple is one of the most successful companies around -- and one of the most mysterious. Here, we consider and debunk 10 of the biggest myths surrounding this tech giant.

Top 5 Myths About Microsoft

How did a scrawny college dropout go on to start a world-renowned tech company and become the world's richest man in the process? The story is fraught with half-truths and myths, and we debunk five of them here.

Top 5 Myths About Facebook

Clearly, the explosive growth of the Internet has created a fair share of misunderstandings, fabrications and myths, and now it's one of the Internet's most popular sites, Facebook, that's stirring up rumors.

Top 5 Myths About Yahoo

Long before Facebook, Wikipedia and Google, there was Yahoo! The Internet start-up took the world by storm in 1994 and continues to be a huge player in the online arena, but rumors of its imminent demise abound. Why?

Top 5 Myths About Google, Inc.

Google is easily one of the world's biggest and most talked-about companies, but people don't really know much about it. Rumors abound, but the truth is a mere Google search away.

Top 5 Google Killers -- That Didn't

Google is the world's search leader. But that doesn't mean everyone else has given up. Not every company has what it takes to dethrone the king.

Who invented Google?

Google's headquarters is located in Mountain View, Calif., but it might as well be Mount Olympus given the company's wild success. Who is the man or woman behind the mountain?

How the Googleplex Works

During the Internet boom, it was easy to find offices with pool tables. But Google's main office has swimming pools, free snacks and on-site medical care.

Who invented the computer?

We'll give you two hints: This person of diverse interests also invented the cowcatcher device for trains, and he held a distinguished mathematics professorship at the University of Cambridge. Any guesses?

Who invented video games?

More than two-thirds of U.S. households play video games, according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board. Without the crazy ideas of a few pioneering folks, we might still be stuck playing marathon sessions of charades.

Who invented the Internet?

At one time, sharing files between computers meant carrying a box of punch cards from one machine to another. The Internet changed all that, but who's responsible for creating this network of networks?

How Twitter Works

If you've got something you can say in just a few characters, you can reach lots of people with a single Tweet. How has Twitter changed social networking?

How Craigslist Works

Whether you're looking for a job, apartment or motorcycle, chances are you've consulted Craigslist. Craigslist started as an electronic community newsletter but has become the go-to site for users in 450 communities worldwide.

How eBay Works

Where can a person get $28,000 for a partially eaten grilled cheese sandwich that may or may not contain the image of the Virgin Mary? On eBay, of course. Find out all about the largest auction site in the world.

How Amazon Works

The story of is an e-commerce dream. Find out what Amazon does, what makes it different from other e-commerce Web sites and how its technology infrastructure supports its multi-pronged approach to online sales.

How YouTube Works

YouTube is a community website that streams about 200 trillion bytes of information a day as people watch videos. How does the company handle the content?

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