How Xbox One Works

Reception and Availability
A fan in San Diego, Calif. shows off his purchase at a midnight release event.
A fan in San Diego, Calif. shows off his purchase at a midnight release event.
©Robert Benson/Getty Images for Microsoft

Responses of those who have been able to try out the device have been positive, but it hasn't been in the wild for very long as of this writing, so most reviews note that in-home conditions might yield different results than the controlled environments of demonstrations. Some reported that they had to repeat voice commands occasionally, but according to Microsoft, the system learns and becomes more accurate the more you use it, and in most demos, voice recognition worked pretty well. By many accounts, the responsiveness of the device as far as switching from program to program, pausing games and bringing up simultaneously running apps sounds like it is as good as Microsoft would have us believe. And the graphics appear to be stunning.

Any current issues aside, policies and system functionality are somewhat mutable, so as in the past, there are likely more changes and features to come in the form of software updates and app additions. Xbox One has the potential to get better and better.

The Xbox One was released worldwide on November 22, 2013 at a retail price of $499. The updated SmartGlass app, many new Xbox Live features and a number of games were also available on that date.

As is usual with game consoles, availability is likely to be lean initially, and then they'll become more widely available as time passes. And if things follow the usual pattern, the price of the previous console should drop a bit to tide any super-late adopters over until they absolutely must have the latest and greatest.

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