How Video Game Testers Work

Video game manufacturers rely on testers to make sure games work properly. See more video game pictures.
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Video games have come a long, long way since Pong featured two lines paddling a "ball" back and forth across the screen. But as games become more powerful, faster and complex, the video game industry needs test pilots to push their wares to the limit.

Video game testing plays a crucial role in the development of new video games. Game testers put games through the paces while still in development and when finished, to ensure gamers have a good experience. Game testers conduct video game QA, or quality assurance, finding mistakes, bugs and other problems that could annoy or turn off the gaming community if they're not fixed.

Don't let the word "game" in this job title fool you. Video game testing is a serious job. If you think it involves whiling away the hours playing the latest games, think again. Video game testing can be as tedious and frustrating as any job. It requires an organized, disciplined approach to product testing and not just finding new ways to score high or beat the game.

Video game testers must have lots of patience, be methodical in their approach and have a keen eye for details. They must be good communicators and have some understanding of computer hardware and software. And, of course, it helps to have awesome controller skills and the hand-eye coordination needed to navigate through multiple levels of increasing challenges. Yes, being good at video games is helpful to video game testers (but not absolutely necessary)!

What's the need for video game testers? What are a video game tester's responsibilities? How do you become a video game tester? Read on to find out.