Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs


Jobs' Car Displayed a Barcode Instead of Plates for the Sake of Safety and Privacy

California license plate
Allegedly, you couldn't find one of these gracing Jobs' car.

A blogger once published a photo of Jobs' silver Mercedes in the Apple parking lot. The car had no rear license plate, and there was a barcode sticker inside the frame [source: iphone savior]. One theory was that police could scan Jobs' car as he sped by. We don't think so. The barcode is a serial number on all Mercedes like Jobs'. But where were Jobs' license plates? According to Fortune magazine, he left the plates off to avoid parking tickets [source: Schlender]. Jobs reportedly broke other auto-related rules, too. Do a Google search on Steve Jobs and handicapped space and you'll find a host of articles that mention the tech guru's parking peccadillo; at Apple, he was known to park his car in a handicapped space near the building's entrance [sources: Elkind, Kahney].

Regarding the missing plates, Jobs once said that it was a sort of game to him [sources: Elkind and Schlender]. With whom — police? People who would like to follow his car? License-plate thieves? People who'd like the space he just took? Who won?