Top 5 Myths About Steve Jobs

Jobs' Car Displayed a Barcode Instead of Plates for the Sake of Safety and Privacy
Allegedly, you couldn't find one of these gracing Jobs' car.
Allegedly, you couldn't find one of these gracing Jobs' car.

A blogger once published a photo of Jobs's silver Mercedes in the Apple parking lot. The car had no rear license plate, and there was a barcode sticker inside the frame [source: iphone savior]. Online, a commenter suggested police could scan Jobs's car as he sped by [source: Digg]. We don't think so. The barcode is a serial number on all Mercedes like Jobs's. But where were Jobs's license plates? According to Fortune magazine, he left the plates off to avoid parking tickets [source: Schlender]. Jobs reportedly broke other auto-related rules, too. Do a Google search on Steve Jobs and handicapped space and you'll find a host of articles that mention the tech guru's parking peccadillo; at Apple, he was known to park his car in a handicapped space near the building's entrance [sources: Elkind, Kahney].

Regarding the missing plates, Jobs once said that it was a sort of game to him [sources: Elkind and Schlender]. With whom -- police? People who would like to follow his car? License-plate thieves? People who'd like the space he just took? Who won?