How SED-TV Works

SED-TV Pros & Cons

SED-TVs were scheduled to hit the market sometime in 2006, and people who've seen them at CES and other electronics shows say that they have a remarkably good picture. SED-TVs have all of the best features of CRT televisions, like good color quality and black level, without a CRT's bulk or weight. SED-TVs have a wide viewing angle, and the SCE structure gets rid of the blurring that can happen around the edges of some CRT sets. The sets are compact and lightweight, and they consume less power than other flat-panel sets.

Figuring out the downsides of owning an SED-TV will be a little tricky until more people actually own and use them. But many people suspect that the sets will be too expensive for most people to afford -- rumors place the starting price of a 55-inch set at around $10,000.

SED-TV's release has also been delayed repeatedly. The original date was spring 2006. Then, Toshiba and Canon announced that it had been pushed to late 2007 for cost reasons. In the spring of 2007, the companies announced that the set would come out on an unspecified future date, citing patent, supply and production difficulties [source: Reuters]. 

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