How the PlayStation Portable Works

PSP Games

UMD game cartridge
Photo courtesy Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.

At the system's initial launch in Japan in December 2004, six games were available for the portable device: Ridge Racers, Armored Core - Formula Front, Minna no Golf Portable, Lumines, Mah-Jong Fight Club and Vampire Chronicle - The Chaos Tower. At the Tokyo Game Show, several other games were previewed, including another chapter in the Metal Gear franchise and more racing from the Need for Speed line.

An additional 24 titles were released in time for the 2005 U.S. debut, includeding World Tour Soccer, Wipeout Pure, Twisted Metal: Head-On, Spider-Man 2, NBA and Ape Escape.


There are over 75 games currently available or coming soon to the PSP, including entries from favorite franchises Grand Theft Auto and Twisted Metal. Included among several Electronic Artsreleases are PSP versions from the EA Sports line-up. The PSP will not be able to play PlayStation or PlayStation 2 games.

The wireless LAN connection enables users to download Web-based games and content.