How the Phantom Worked

The Best Shot

If it works, Phantom most likely will appeal to two very different groups. Many serious gamers will probably go for it, just because they want access to whatever games are out there (this is the chunk of the population who has nearly every console ever released).

The other major group would be families. The phantom has inherent appeal to parents who don't want to shell out $50 for every single game their kids want, but also don't want their kids downloading inappropriate games on the Internet. They would set the parental controls on their account, give their kids a monthly gaming allowance, and forget about it. The kids are happy, the parents are happy, and the cost goes straight into the family budget.

That's the idea anyway. The real story will be what happens when the console hits the streets. Infinium has announced a tentative launch date of November 18th, 2004.

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