How to Cheat at Video Games

Cheating with Game Hacks

Not every computer or video game supports cheats upon release. These games make cheating a little trickier. If you're a hacker, you may be familiar enough with computer programming languages to take a close look at the video game's code and find ways to tweak it to create cheats. But for the rest of us, we have to rely on the skills of knowledgeable hackers to create shortcuts for us and make them available somehow.

Hacks come in as many different variations as there are games. Video game hacks are better known as trainers. Some trainers allow the player to make changes to the video game character they control, making it stronger or invincible. Others make changes to the video game world itself. You may have to run a secondary application along with the game to activate the trainer. Some trainers will alter the game's code and become part of the game permanently. From that moment on, loading the game loads up the trainer, too.

Lots of Web sites host trainer codes designed to help you cheat at games. You need to be careful if you plan on downloading a trainer -- some game hacks are really computer viruses in disguise. Look for user comments and reviews for the trainer. It also helps if you can find the trainer in different locations on the Web and read multiple reviews -- that will help you weed out malicious software. And even a legitimate hack can sometimes freeze a video game or make it otherwise unplayable.