How to Find the Right Headphones

By: Contributors

You have a fine music system and want to listen to it with good headphones. If you do some careful research, you can find just the right headphones. Here are some tips to help you find the right headphones:

  • Decide what you would like to hear. Do you want to be able to hear the noise of the world around you or do you want to pass through a silent world against the backdrop of your music? Where your headphones sit will affect how much noise comes in and whether the world will turn silent around you. In-ear headphones either sit inside the canal, blocking out the noise around you, or in the "bowl" that's just outside your ear canal, allowing you to hear what's going on in the world.
  • Decide what headphones are more comfortable. For some, the feeling of the soft, silicone earbuds that sit in your ear canal are more comfortable to wear, while others prefer looser earbuds that sit in your ear, but not in the canal.
  • Decide what audio sounds you'd like to have enhanced. Different headphones enhance different tones. You might prefer enhanced bass or midtones, while someone else might like headphones with different technology. Check tech reviews to learn about the tones enhanced by different headphones [source: Sofge].
  • Look for headphones with a durable cable. You don't want the cable to be too thin, or it could break easily. A reinforced L-plug where the wire connects to the plug helps make thin cables a bit more durable. Thin cables may also get tangled more frequently than their thick counterparts. Headphone cables with a slider at the "Y" part may be less prone to getting tangled.
  • Decide how important it is for you to have stylish headphones. If the look makes a big difference, then look for headphones with style as well as comfort and functionality.
  • Look for headphones with minimal sound leakage. You want the best listening experience, but everyone else may not want to listen to your music [source: France].