How to Decide Between a Smart Phone and Cell Phone

Many people become confused and frustrated when trying to decide whether to get a smart phone or a cell phone. The key to making the right decision is deciding what one will benefit you more. Here is an overview of both.

  • Cell phones are rather simple gadgets. Although some cell phones may offer extra features, such as instant messaging/texting, voice recording, Internet access or a camera [source: PCWorld] a cell phone's main purpose is to allow you to talk to someone at anytime. If that's basically what you need, then stick to a cell phone and don't opt for more expensive gadgetry that you don't need.
  • Smart phones are a whole new type of gadget that is loaded with all sorts of features. The average smart phone is a mobile phone, Web browser and computer with a keyboard. Smart phones have many different features, including video chat, touch screen display, GPS, Internet access and sometimes a built in high definition camera [source: Hosch].
  • Cell phones with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) combination are more affordable to purchase and maintain. If you have a cell phone that you're basically happy with, you may want to consider purchasing a separate Personal Digital Assistant. These gadgets are digital organizers with a calendar for storing all sorts of important data, including appointments.
  • Cell phones are smaller than smart phones, and are therefore easier to carry around.
  • Smart phones are a combination phone, computer, Web browser, camera, GPS and more. Therefore, if you lose your smart phone, you lose everything.
  • Smart phones have more advanced capabilities than cell phones.
  • Smart phones are a Personal Digital Assistant and a cell phone in one machine [source: Martin].

After considering all the features of each device, consider what one suits your needs and personality best.


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