How the Golden-i Works

Your All-Seeing I

This is a svelte machine, yet it packs the processing punch of a 600MHz computer.
This is a svelte machine, yet it packs the processing punch of a 600MHz computer.
Courtesy Kopin

A Golden-i grants you geek powers galore, on the go. Of course, so do other modern devices, like smartphones, tablets and laptops. What Golden-i does is wrap similar functionality into a hands-free design that lets you zoom around your work area, taking care of a multitude of tasks without the need to constantly grab for a computer or a smartphone that you left in your vehicle or on the ground.

The possibilities of this system are limited only by your imagination. But to highlight its selling points, Kopin offered up many possible use cases for Golden-i.

Construction project managers can use the device to coordinate and share information. While on a complicated construction site, let's say you have questions about how to set a particular I-beam. You could call or text the architect, of course. But instead, you point the Golden-i's camera at the problem so that the architect can see exactly what the problem is, and she can walk you through the solutions.

For security-minded applications, Golden-i might be an indispensable tool. At large, crowded events, security personnel can share chatter, view security camera footage, pan and zoom security cameras on command, and access facility maps and other critical information on the fly and then share that information with colleagues.

Similarly, law enforcement and military might access records of suspects, record and document suspicious activities, and coordinate tricky tactical maneuvers. Golden-i also helps team members keep track of each other and monitor physical well-being.

Need neurosurgery insights? Now you can get it without even putting down the scalpel. Surgeons could stream live video of their procedures to other medical professionals, who might then weigh in with their advice and suggestions.

Anyone who uses a handheld computer might benefit from Golden-i. That includes manufacturing and inventory workers and supervisors, utility service technicians, heavy equipment operators and many others. More than 200 companies around the world are already deploying Golden-i to their employees.

Consumers stand to benefit, too. Digging in your garden? With Golden-i, you can have a conference call while planting beets. Or you can dictate your memoirs or check your email. People with a whole range of disabilities can use Golden-i as a voice-activated Swiss Army knife of sorts. And it's all possible thanks to some bleeding-edge hardware and software.