5 Toys You Control With an iPhone



The AppBlaster is an interactive gaming gun. To use it, you insert your iPhone into the housing dock located on the AppBlaster's barrel, which allows you to then play an assortment of shooting games available through iTunes. Some games are free, while others cost a little bit of cash. Visually reminiscent of the gun offered with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) -- the bane of all the birds in Duck Hunt -- the AppBlaster allows players to put aliens and other shootable quarry in their place. The app runs through the iPhone's camera and, unlike many toys for the iPhone, it doesn't make use the mobile's accelerometer. Instead, every time a shot is fired, it triggers the AppBlaster to actually tap the screen. You see the real world around you through the camera interface, but your chosen foes invade that space to create an adventure in augmented reality.