5 Tips for Choosing the Right E-reader


Find the Right Screen

First, a tip on how not to select an e-reader: Don't jump on your computer, read a few reviews of various products available and then order one that sounds right online. An e-reader is one of those products that absolutely requires a little face time. "The screen is the single most important feature of any e-reader you buy, because you'll be looking at it for hours and hours as you make your way through "Pride and Prejudice" for the 15th time," says Eldridge, who urges shoppers to spend a good amount of time actually looking at various screens. "Your eyes will tell you what they prefer: e-ink, color, black-and-white, backlighting or no backlighting. Look before you choose."

In general, Sy Paulson, who is a so-called "Blue Shirt" at Best Buy, says that any e-reader that utilizes "e-paper" won't cause eyestrain. "The ink appears just like it would on the page of a physical book," he says. "Another advantage of e-paper is that the reader won't notice any glare whatsoever. For those who like to read outdoors such as poolside or at the beach, this is a great feature." Paulson also notes that e-readers can vary in size from around 6 ounces to more than 16 ounces, which is an important factor to consider since frequent travelers will likely want a smaller reader to tote around.

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