5 Bluetooth Devices Everybody Wants


Bose SoundLink

In terms of wireless household entertainment, the Bose SoundLink Mobile Speaker is among the few formidable competitors to Apple's AirPlay system. The price is on par; the features are similar. But while AirPlay is designed to function best as part of a fully integrated wireless home entertainment system, the Bose unit is less of a commitment. It's rugged and portable, lending appeal to customers with a smaller budget or a home that, for whatever reason, can't have audio components installed throughout.

The SoundLink is a tablet-sized speaker that can pair with up to six Bluetooth devices (to connect to the music collection stored on your computer, tablet, or phone). Just a few taps and your music is played wirelessly through the speaker. (It also has an auxiliary input, just in case, so it can be used with non-Bluetooth devices like iPods and portable DVD players.) Bose says the music stream won't be interrupted by calls, e-mails or Internet surfing on the mobile device in use. And to increase durability and aesthetics, a portfolio-like folding cover (in a choice of colors) functions as a stand when it's open and automatically turns off the speaker when it's closed.

Bose is a company that stakes its reputation on sound quality, but portability is really the SoundLink's selling point. Weighing in at less than 3 pounds (1.36 kilograms), and measuring roughly 10 inches (25.4 cm) wide, 5 inches tall (12.7 cm), and two inches (5.08 cm) thick, the SoundLink is easy to scoop up and tote around the house while you look for a comfy spot to spend a few hours. Or, you can take the SoundLink with you -- it's easy to tuck into a backpack or bag along with your laptop. The rechargeable battery lasts about 8 hours (depending on the volume), and it's moisture-resistant (though Bose doesn't give specifics) so feel free to roam a bit (poolside, perhaps, but probably not showerside).

If the last few pages of technical information made your head spin, we have a treat for you -- the next page has another lust-worthy Bluetooth-enabled bauble that'll make you even dizzier.