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Better Time Wasting With Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology at work!
Nanotechnology at work!
Image courtesy Japan Trend Shop

Nanotechnology! It enables us to build superstrong materials and design life-saving medications. Thanks to the Japanese company Bandai, it also allows us to kill time at our desks.

Yes, the product is called Aqua Dance Game, and it's a lot like those little hand-held games that require you to roll tiny metal balls through a hole-riddled maze. Only instead of metal balls, Aqua Dance uses hyper-beading water. See, the interior of the water game features a patented nanomaterial called "Adesso WR," the microscopic, low-friction structure of which causes water molecules to bead together and slide along at faster-than-normal speeds.

You just pump the water through by hand and watch the strange beads race around like crazy all for the low, low cost of $40. What's that you say? You think the games on your iPad and iPhone rock harder? Then quit pussyfooting around and turn your desk into a gaming zone already.