What does the Google mobile app do?

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Now, Google is literally in the palm of your hands!
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Finding information with your mobile device just got easier. The Google mobile app lets you search Google from your smartphone. This free app offers a few interesting search functions that will make locating a new bistro or specialty shoe retailer a lot more fun, too.

The Google mobile app is currently available for the BlackBerry, Nokia, iPhone, Windows Mobile and Android, among others. To find out if your mobile device is supported, all you have to do is use your phone's Web browser to visit m.google.com/search and Google will evaluate your equipment. If your phone is compatible, Google will send you the right version of its mobile app automatically. Otherwise, bookmark the Google mobile page for future reference. You never know when you'll need it.


On the next page, we'll go through some of the more popular functions of the Google mobile app and explain what they do.

Google Mobile App Functionality

Although some functions are unavailable on certain phones, here are the features offered with the Google search app:

Search History - If you forgot to bookmark an important Web site, don't waste valuable time looking for it again from scratch. Google's search history makes it easy to hunt through your recent queries for a match.


Contact Search - When your list of friends is legendary, it can be hard to find the right contact without wasting time. Google helps you search your phone's contacts in a flash.

Google Links - Get access to Gmail, Latitude and Google Calendar with a minimum of fuss.

My Location - When it comes to knowing where in the world you are, your smartphone can be pretty stupid. If you're getting tired of having to type in your current location every time you want directions to the nearest fast food joint, Google's My Location function was made for you. Get directions without delay and save the finger action for something really important.

Voice Search - Instead of having to type in a keyword or search term, you can say it instead. This feature isn't available on all phones and the language database is limited.

E-mail Search - If you hoard e-mails like fashion-conscious women hoard shoes, finding that old business proposal could be something of a challenge. Let Google do the hunting instead.

Google Goggles - Move your search into the real world with Google Goggles, and transform your camera into an eye on the universe. Need a quick translation of that Italian road sign? No problem. Google will interpret the photo and return query results designed to give you the information you need. Want to peruse a review of that bestseller or movie? A quick snapshot of the dust jacket or marquee will return the explanations and recommendations you're after.

Google Suggest - Google is like that helpful friend who offers advice and suggestions you didn't realize you needed. Google Suggest will recommend local businesses based on the keywords you type. If you've never been spelling bee material, you'll be happy to know that it also completes the spelling of popular search terms.

Vertical Search - Make your Web site hopping easier and more specific by harnessing the power of category searches. Whether you're after the latest news, shopping information or a photo of a white rhino, Google's Vertical Search can get you to the pages you want fast.

When you're on the move, you want apps that are easy to use and get you the results you need in a hurry. The Google mobile app is designed to make your online searches faster and more successful. Whether you're waiting in line, enjoying a nice latte or killing time between sales calls, the Google mobile app has the well-thought-out flexibility users have come to expect from Google products at home, at work, at play and everywhere in between.


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