10 Mobile Apps for Music Lovers


Amazon Cloud Player

Music listeners get two bonuses from cloud computing. First, because the song files are stored in the "clouds" -- that is, on remote computers -- space on your computer or mobile device is freed up. Second, cloud storage means that you can access your favorite tunes from any of your devices at any time. You can also synch your music with all your devices instantly.

The Amazon Cloud Player is an app that lets you access and play tunes you've uploaded to Amazon Cloud storage. Amazon offers five gigabytes of storage for free, and you can expand your storage for a fee. You can purchase songs from Amazon, which will automatically be stored in the cloud, or you can upload tunes from your computer. Then, you use the Cloud Player app to play music on your Android phone or iPad. While the Cloud Player itself doesn't work on the iPhone, you can listen to tunes from your Cloud library using the iPhone's built-in Safari browser.