10 Mobile Apps for Music Lovers



It's been around forever (in tech time, more than 10 years is forever) and has revolutionized music listening and music buying. It's so basic, most of us don't give iTunes a second thought. But it's a powerful software application that lets you acquire, manage and listen to music. Approximately 70 percent of the music downloaded in the U.S. is purchased through the iTunes Store [source: Keizer].

If you have iTunes on your computer, you can coordinate with Apple mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. You can load music wirelessly for on-the-go listening. Or you can purchase tunes from the iStore and have them delivered directly to your iPhone. A new feature is the iCloud, which lets you store all your music on remote servers, then download to any device you want.

Apple also offers Ping, a music social network. This app lets you post songs (or photos, videos and comments) from inside iTunes. Your followers can buy the songs with a click. Ping will alert you to what your friends are listening to, too, and what your favorite bands are up to.