How to Find Good Photography Classes

Finding Good Online Photography Classes

The Internet has become an incredible resource for budding photographers. A variety of Web sites and online videos can help you learn a lot about your camera's proper settings and the right techniques to use. Taking online courses is a great way to go if you don't have time to attend classes in person, or if you live in an area where classes aren't easily within reach.

First, Web sites like Online offer loads of informative articles, videos and products you can buy to improve your picture-taking prowess. The benefit to sites like these is that their resources are completely free. You can get tips from professional photographers, like what filter to use to capture great sunsets and how to use the camera's f-stop properly [source: Online].

Tips and informative articles are great, but they can't always measure up to actual instruction. A number of Web sites offer true courses in photography where a student works with a teacher, performs assignments and gets feedback on work. is one of the biggest providers of such online photo classes. Their courses cover a wide range of subjects, from basic picture taking to the use of Adobe Photoshop, and they usually last from four to eight weeks and cost between $200 and $400 [source:].

Other Web sites even offer courses that deal with turning your photo artistry into a business. Interested in doing stock photos or taking high school portraits? The Perfect Picture School of Photography offers courses in those areas and teaches skills that will enhance your expertise with the "digital darkroom," where you use computer software to make your shots the best they can be.

Once you're all set with the courses you need, there's a vast online community of blogs and forums where you and other photographers can communicate and share ideas. These are a great way to get support and discuss ways to improve your photography even further.

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