How to Find Good Photography Classes

Find Photography Classes with the Right Theme

Taking a specialized class can help you learn the best techniques for nature photography.
Taking a specialized class can help you learn the best techniques for nature photography.

Your camera can capture everything from breathtaking sunsets to action on the football field -- but you as a photographer have to know the best way to shoot them.

First, decide what subject piques your interest. From there, you can locate a local class -- or one online -- that offers pointers on how to take pictures of that particular theme.

Some courses specialize in training photographers to shoot weddings. When it comes to shooting a wedding, you only get one chance to get things right, so proper training is essential. It means learning how to work with couples and their families, finding the right locations for photos, using different lenses for different events throughout the big day and not intruding on the festivities when you're shooting [source: Digital Photography School].

If taking photos of nature is more your thing, consider a class on outdoor photography. These courses offer training in natural lighting, bringing the right gear into the field, focusing and metering properly, and observing wildlife safely without causing a disturbance [source: Bushwhacker Climbing Club].

Want to get back to basics? You could sign up for a class in black-and-white photography. To make it even more authentic, you could use a traditional, film-based camera instead of a digital one. These courses teach you how to see the world in black-and-white hues; how to use contrast, light and shadow; and how to print and develop your own photos. Learning to shoot black-and-white photos properly will give yours a classic, artistic look [source: School of Photography].

Specialty courses cover many more subjects, so find something that interests you and see what you and your camera are made of.

In this next section, we'll talk about how to learn great photography techniques on the Internet.