How to Find Good Photography Classes

Find Photography Classes for Your Skill Level

How do you find photography classes in your area? A Google search is a great way to start. You can find classes offered at local schools and camera stores. Remember, every course is different, so the types of skills taught at certain levels can vary from place to place.

Even if you have some experience with taking pictures, it's not a terrible idea to start with beginner classes that lay down these fundamentals:

  • Photography techniques
  • Photography terms
  • Camera settings
  • Proper exposure
  • Depth of field
  • Close-up shots, also known as shooting macro

They can also teach the basics of developing film, if it's a nondigital course, and photo editing [source: Precision Camera & Video]. Some courses may also teach you how to transfer your photos onto a computer and send them via e-mail.

Intermediate classes offer insight into more advanced techniques. According to Singapore Photography Course, which offers classes such as these, you'll learn about the following:

  • Image composition
  • Flash and lighting
  • Taking pictures indoors
  • Thinking like a photographer

Finally, advanced photography classes can help you turn your hobby into a business. Skills taught in classes such as these include techniques for professionals:

  • How to shoot models
  • Shooting in darkness
  • Taking pictures at various speeds
  • Advanced photo-editing techniques

If you've built up your skills, classes at this level can be a great investment [source: The Expat Learning Center].

For more specific photography topics and how to find courses that will give you the right skills to take them on, check out the next page.