How Billiard Tables Work

By: Jeff Tyson

Basic Equipment

Billiards defines any game played on a table with a cue and balls. Billiards is a game that relies on the fundamentals of physics and geometry, and becoming an expert in billiards requires skillful mastery of the game's equipment. This equipment includes:

  • Balls - Although each variation of billiards has different rules, the goal is always to strike the a ball and move it in some fashion.
  • Cue - A long, tapered rod that has a cushioned tip on the narrow end for striking the balls.
  • Table - The playing surface that the balls travel on. Depending on the game it is designed for, the table may or may not have pockets (holes) for the balls to fall into.

Games played on tables with pockets are often referred to as pool or snooker, while the most common pocketless table game is called carom.


Next, let's take a look at the "cool" playing surface of the billiard table.