5 Ways 4G Will Change Your Life


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Smartphones alone account for billions of packets of data that zip through wireless networks. Only fast 4G networks will be able to keep pace with this deluge.
Smartphones alone account for billions of packets of data that zip through wireless networks. Only fast 4G networks will be able to keep pace with this deluge.
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With 4G, mobile social media, video calls and gaming will accelerate to Mach speeds. That's in large part due to the increased capacity and reduced latency of 4G.

A single 3G base station lets only a few dozen people work at 3G-like speeds. However, 4G networks allow more people -- sometimes hundreds -- to simultaneously access and share a delicious 4G connection. That higher capacity means more people can put video uploading and video conferencing to use at the same time.

Equally important is the lower latency (or delay) in 4G. 3G networks often have delays of 100ms (milliseconds) or so. But there's no noticeable delay at all in 4G, which features latency of only around 20ms [source: Telecoms].

Lower latency is critical for video conferencing calls. When there are any delays whatsoever, people wind up talking over each other and basically get frustrated with the experience. The same goes for fast-paced, multi-player online gaming. If you're playing the latest war title, you can't afford any lag time in your reactions, lest you accidentally jump onto a grenade instead of away from it. Faster 4G means accurate response times and, of course, bragging rights to higher scores.

Whether you're blowing up online bunkers or just want to have a nice video chat with your grandma, you need speedy wireless. 3G, we hardly knew ye. But no one will shed tears for that archaic network technology. Instead, they'll weep for joy at the wonderful ways that 4G helps them maximize their mobile Internet experience.

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