10 Myths About Gaming Cheats

Let Luigi Loose
Mario may be slightly more famous, but Luigi is much beloved by fans of the Mario Bros. franchise. ©YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images

One of the first titles for the 64-bit Nintendo 64 gaming system in 1996 was "Super Mario 64," a sprawling 3-D world which had its share of unlockable secrets and surprises, including a Yoshi cameo. But Mario's brother, Luigi, was nowhere to be found in the game. As a sequel to a franchise that included several "Mario Bros." titles, his absence seemed conspicuous.

A statue in the courtyard of the Princess's castle included an illegible, pixelated inscription that some people thought read "L is real 2401." Someone creatively interpreted this as a hint for a cheat where you could unlock Luigi if you collect all 2,401 gold coins in the game and then return to the statue. Many tried, but nothing happened. People posted fake codes claiming they would unlock the missing brother. The website IGN even offered $100 to anyone who could find Luigi and prove it.

But no one ever did, because he was not programmed into the game. The statue inscription was unreadable gibberish, and the number of coins in the game apparently wasn't even 2,401. It was all just wishful thinking.