10 Myths About Gaming Cheats

Keep Aeris Alive
The Final Fantasy series has spawned more than a dozen sequels, as well as numerous spinoffs, and it’s incredibly popular with cosplayers. © Dan Dennison/Getty Images

"Final Fantasy" is a well-beloved, fantasy RPG (role-playing game) by SquareSoft (now Square Enix) that originated on Nintendo and spawned a series of games and other media that crossed platforms and genres and sold lots of copies. One of its sequels, "Final Fantasy VII," was first released for the original PlayStation and was the subject of one of the more famous game cheat myths. If you've been meaning to get around to playing it since 1997 but still haven't, you may want to skip the rest of this section. In other words: Spoiler alert!

Halfway through the game, and to the utter disbelief of many a player, a major character named Aeris is killed by another character named Sephiroth in a dramatic, emotional cut-scene. Her death understandably upset a lot of fans, and pictures of her in a battle later in the game surfaced, so some people latched onto rumors that you could either keep her from dying or bring her back to life. The various reported methods included completing quests; acquiring certain gems, potions or other items; and locating characters that didn't exist. But alas, they were all just that — rumors — and fans had to settle for a complex game with a dramatic story arc that ended sans Aeris.