10 Myths About Gaming Cheats

Gaming can be intense, and chasing a nonexistent unlockable is downright frustrating. © junpinzon/iStock/Thinkstock

Video games are just chock-full of secrets, and many gamers strive for 100 percent completion. Sure, you can try to beat your or your friends' best scores, but it's more entertaining to stumble across hidden rooms, secret levels, concealed items or trophies. Sometimes you can even unlock hidden characters and new adventures.

Some of these hidden treasures are easy to find, while some are achievable only by executing difficult feats, solving complicated puzzles, reading walkthroughs or using cheat codes. Rumored Easter eggs lead players to pour countless hours into finding them — whether they exist or not.

A few game myths began as April Fools' gags, some were spurred by misleading promo materials or apparent in-game clues, and others were just made up by tricksters. Game cheat rumors (or sometimes flat-out hoaxes) are usually followed by people posting complicated instructions or pictorial "proof" that someone actually found them, leading the more trusting or obsessed on a long, disappointing journey. And occasionally, the fan longing will be so great that an unobtainable secret will become a reality, one way or another.