All About Television
How Television Works

Television has been around long enough to seem ordinary, but the box that brings TV shows into your home is an amazing device. How is the picture formed? Where does the color come from? Find out.

How 3-D TV Works

When you think of watching a movie in 3-D, you may think of those goofy glasses with multicolor lenses. But that's the old way to do 3-D. Now, you might not need glasses at all.

How HDTV Works

When the first high-definition television (HDTV) sets hit the market in 1998, movie buffs, sports fans and tech aficionados got pretty excited, and for good reason. Ads for the sets hinted at a television paradise with superior resolution and digital

5 Things to Do Before Buying an HDTV

It may seem like fun to hop in the car, drive to your local big-box store and grab the biggest HDTV you can find. But without some preparation, you may not get what you pay for.

How Apple TV Works

Apple TV has been around since 2006, but it's fallen out of favor with Apple fans as the company turned its attention toward music lovers. Now, Apple TVs are flying off the shelves as users discover their compatibility with HDTV.

How DLP Sets Work

If you're looking for a big screen, you've got a lot of options. Which display technology is for you? DLP (digital light processing) sets are cheaper and have a better picture than many of the other big-screen options.

How LCDs Work

Liquid crystal displays are found in everything from digital watches to laptop computers. In a relatively short period of time, they've crept from a fascinating novelty item to a technology standard. Learn about the science (a liquid crystal?) and technology behind LCDs.

How Plasma Displays Work

Think your living room isn't big enough to squeeze in a large-screen TV? Plasma displays fit the components for a huge screen into a unit that's less than 6 inches deep.

Is there a limit to how high-definition TVs can get?

The biggest changes in high-definition televisions over the past few years are related to screen size, thickness and price. Can we cram more pixels into our TV displays?

How Cable Television Works

Millions of people receive their television signal through a cable TV connection. Most of them don't actually know what "cable TV" is, what it does or how it got its name. Find out!

How Satellite TV Works

Satellite TV once required a huge eyesore of a dish positioned on the lawn. These days, you can receive the digital satellite signal with a tiny bowl attached to your roof. Find out how satellite TV works.

How Facebook TV Will Work

With hundreds of millions of subscribers, Facebook commands an enormous audience. The company could prove to be a fantastic venue for online video. Could Facebook be the next big TV channel?

How to Connect Your Computer to Your TV

You downloaded your favorite show to your computer, but now you're watching it on that tiny laptop screen. You could set up your computer to watch it on your TV instead. But how?

How Projection Television Works

When the picture has to be BIG, a traditional CRT monitor isn't practical. For an oversized image, projection television is a must. Learn how these video systems produce a high-resolution image for a huge screen.

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