10 Bizarre iPod Accessories

iPod Phonograph Dock
The Phonophone, a cutting edge update of an antique phonograph.
The Phonophone, a cutting edge update of an antique phonograph.
Kris Belchevski

If you thought the boom box shoulder bag combinations you read about earlier on were the ultimate in retro, think again. When recorded music was a new thing, people listened to vinyl records on turntables, and the sound didn't come out of stereo speakers either -- instead, it came out of a single horn. This combination of turntable and horn is called a phonograph, or a gramophone in England.

In 2006, designer Tristan Zimmerman of design group Science and Sons decided to combine cutting edge with antique and came up with the Phonophone, an iPod speaker and dock that's shaped like an old phonograph. And that's not it -- the Phonophone uses no external power or batteries. Listeners simply place their iPod earbuds into two tiny receptacles, and the acoustics of the horn boost the audio. The device only reaches a small-sounding 55 decibels. That's about the same performance level as the speakers on a laptop computer, but for a cool price of $500 a sleek, ceramic phonograph that plays your iPod might be the perfect bizarre centerpiece to an office or bedroom.

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