10 Bizarre iPod Accessories

Pause -- the iPod Compatible Bed
DesignMobel's iPod compatible bed, the Pause.
DesignMobel's iPod compatible bed, the Pause.

Some people like to fall asleep with the television on, while others will read until they're slumping over, barely hanging onto their book. About 45 minutes of soft music, however, such as jazz, folk or orchestral music at about 60 to 80 beats per minute, is the most relaxing way to fall asleep, according to a group of Taiwanese researchers [source: BBC News]. Slow, ambient music can lower heart and respiratory rates, and it doesn't have any of the negative side effects that might come with taking sleeping pills.

The people at DesignMobel, makers of beds, furniture, linens and other accessories, had this in mind when they came up with the Pause, most likely the world's largest iPod dock. Although it looks like any other modern bed unit you might find at a place like IKEA, the bed's headboard extends out to form small bedside tables, and the right side section has a special dock made just for the iPod. Your iPod can either play music through two Bose speakers while you lie in bed to rest or it can charge when it's not playing. Pause is sold in Australia, but those outside of Australia and New Zealand can still order the bed if they want their iPod next to them for a solid eight hours of sleep.

The design of the next accessory, especially its interesting shape, should keep you awake. To learn how one iPod accessory can broadcast music in an old-fashioned style, read the next page.