10 Bizarre iPod Accessories

iSticky Pad
The iSticky Pad
The iSticky Pad

The iPod and many of its accessories were built with driving in mind. Not only is the nature of the iPod, with lots of storage for music and on-the-go playlists, well-suited for the highway, but automotive devices like cigarette lighters are helpful for charging iPods. Cup holders are also the perfect size to keep iPods from bouncing around and receiving too much damage.

It's evident that some people must be taking less care of their iPods in their cars. Maybe they're simply throwing their iPod up onto the car's dash, only to scream in horror as the expensive MP3 slides off during a sharp turn, falling out of the window and crashing into a million pieces on the pavement. Enough people must be doing this,

in fact, that the company HandStands developed the iSticky pad, which firmly secures an iPod to the car's dash. The pad is washable, removable and reusable, and it doesn't use any sticky, gummy adhesives or potentially software-damaging magnets.

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