10 Bizarre iPod Accessories

iPod Thong
The iPod nano struts its stuff in a thong cover.
The iPod nano struts its stuff in a thong cover.
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People have designed all sorts of interesting covers for iPods. If you stroll around the mall and happen to find an iPod accessory kiosk, you'll find all kinds of iPod covers from fluffy and furry to animal print to glitter and plastic.

The one that tops them all in terms of wackiness, however, is the iPod nano thong. The nano thong is just what it sounds like: A thong-shaped case that your iPod can wear. Nano thongs are made out of leather and fit comfortably around the iPod, and although it may redefine what's sleek and sexy in the world of Apple, this accessory isn't the most practical -- the bulk of the thong covers half of the iPod's screen and the entirety of the click wheel. It makes it nearly impossible to use while it's scantily clad, so unless you really like risqué lingerie or just enjoy a silly joke, the nano thong isn't the most useful iPod accessory on the market.

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