10 Bizarre iPod Accessories

iPod Belts and Boxers
The Original Tunebuckle with canvas belt.
The Original Tunebuckle with canvas belt.

One fashionable way to let everyone get a good look at your iPod is to wear it. Joggers, for example, can purchase handy wristbands or clips that hold their MP3 players during their run. Some accessories, on the other hand, take wearing your iPod even one step further. One company, appropriately named TuneBuckle, sells special canvas belts designed to carry the iPod nano.

You don't wear the MP3 player on the side, though; instead, the belt's aluminum buckle is actually a case that's perfectly shaped to hold the nano. Three different styles are available: The Original, which displays the entire front of the iPod; Full Moon, which covers everything except the click wheel; and Full Metal Jacket, which protects the whole front of the iPod and looks like a sleek airplane seat belt buckle.

If you like to keep your iPod really close, there's also the iBox -- men's cotton and ­spandex boxer shorts with a built-in pocket for an iPod. Let's just hope a pair of these never catches on fire.

Even stranger might be the accessories the iPod itself wears. To learn about how iPods and underwear go together, read the next page.