Top 5 Google Killers -- That Didn't


Wikia Search

The Web 2.0 era has introduced dozens of new terms and phrases into the technology industry. One of the terms that has had a huge impact on the way people use the Web is wiki. A wiki is a site that uses a special kind of software that makes it easy for people to create and edit collaborative Web pages.

The most famous wiki on the Web is Wikipedia, the collaborative encyclopedia. One of the co-founders of Wikipedia is Jimmy Wales. Wales saw the success of collaborative work on the Web -- often called crowdsourcing -- and decided to apply that approach to search. That's how Wikia Search was born.

Wales hoped to create a search engine that harnessed the power of collaboration to produce the best, most relevant search results on the Web. Ideally, the collaborative process would be transparent and it would be hard for companies to game the system. Any registered user would be able to see who had made changes to search results pages and intervene if necessary.

In March 2009, Wales announced that his company was discontinuing the Wikia Search project indefinitely. The economic recession had hit the tech industry hard. As a result, there just wasn't enough money in the budget to support the development of Wikia Search. But we may still see the search engine resurface in the future.