How PlayStation Move Works

Move's Methods of Communication

Like most video game controllers released over the past decade, the PlayStation Move includes a built-in rumble feature. The Move controller uses haptic feedback to vibrate. Just like the regular PlayStation 3 controller, the Move connects to the system with wireless Bluetooth technology. The Move also features a rechargeable battery that can be connected to the PS3 and charged via a mini-USB port on the bottom of the controller. Unlike the Wii Remote, the Move controller does not include a speaker to provide auditory feedback during games (other than through the television, of course). Sony considered including a speaker, but ultimately decided that its limited benefits were outweighed by the added cost [source: Mikhailov].

Unfortunately, there's a drawback to the PlayStation 3's Bluetooth support: It can only connect to a total of seven wireless devices. With that restriction in mind, Sony limited Move to a total of four devices -- four Move remotes, or two Move remotes and two Navigation controllers (see sidebar), which offer more traditional analog stick-based inputs alongside the Move. Allowing up to four players to each use two Move controllers or an additional Navigation controller would have required support for eight units connected via Bluetooth [source: Wilson]. This means that some games, which offer enhanced features when played with a Move controller in each hand, will work with no more than two players.