How to Make International Calls

By: Dave Roos

Using an International Callback Service

A callback service rings you when the service is ready.
© Photographer: Christian Delbert | Agency: Dreamstime

Many countries have phone monopolies that charge steep prices for making international calls. International callback services allow you to make international calls from other countries at U.S. rates, and they can save you money. Here's how it works:

  1. Register your foreign phone number with an international callback service. The phone number can be a landline phone, cell phone or VoIP phone.
  2. The callback service will assign you a local access number, much like the toll free access numbers provided by calling cards.
  3. To activate the callback service, call the local access number, let the phone ring once, then hang up.
  4. This is a signal to the callback computer to call you back and give you a dial tone on their local phone network, usually based in the United States where international rates are cheaper.
  5. Dial the number you want to reach



Not all callback services need to be initiated over the phone. There are services that allow you to send a text message to the international callback service with the number you want to call and the service will call you back with the connection already made. There are similar services that operate over the Internet. Simply access the service's Web site, enter your local telephone number and the number you want to reach, and the service will call you back [source:].

Different countries place different restrictions on making calls using international callback services. Some will block access numbers to prevent callers from bypassing the local phone system. When that's the case, look for callback services that allow you to initiate calls from the Web, since those are the hardest to block [source:].

Now let's look at one last option for making international calls: the international conference call.