10 Sci-fi Gadgets We Wish Actually Existed


The Neuralizer

For those of us who suffer from foot-in-the-mouth disease, no gadget would be handier than the neuralizer. An important gadget in the arsenal for the Men in Black, this gadget lets you zap away the memories of those who stare at the flashing red light. With the click of a button and a few soothing words, you can wipe out a memory and replace it with something else.

For the characters in "Men in Black," this device allowed human agents to meet, negotiate or combat aliens without alerting the entire Earth that we are not alone. But in the HowStuffWorks.com office, we'd probably use this in other ways. Need a little more time on that deadline? Just zap the site director and say that the assignment is due next week. Accidentally spill coffee on the general manager? A quick zap and the suggestion that one of the Stuff You Should Know guys did it and you're good to go.

Zapping people to alter memories might not be the most responsible option. Maybe it's a good thing the neuralizer doesn't really exist. But if you see a HowStuffWorks.com writer walking around wearing sunglasses, you might want to avert your eyes -- just in case.