How the Ego Flash Works

The Ego Flash is a full-featured, hands-free cell phone device that mounts to your vehicle's dashboard. See more pictures of car gadgets.

Over the last few years you've probably gotten pretty attached to your cell phone. And sometimes there are phone calls that you just have to make, even if you're driving a car when you have to make them. But you also know that using a cell phone while you're at the wheel of your car is dangerous. Many states have banned it outright. So, if you need to make a call while driving and you don't want to (or can't) pull into a parking lot, what can you do?

A lot of newer cars come with hands-free cell phone devices installed, but if your car doesn't have one of these, the Ego Flash from Funkwerk Americas, Inc. may be what you need. The Ego Flash is a full-featured hands-free device that works with Bluetooth-enabled phones to let you carry on conversations while keeping your hands on the wheel as much as possible. Like most aftermarket automotive gadgets, you can have it installed professionally or you can install it yourself. Once in place, you can use it much the same way you use your Bluetooth phone, except that now you can leave the phone in your pocket.

A microphone mounted near your dashboard picks up your voice and you hear the voice of the person at the other end of the line coming through your car's audio system, so it's not much different from talking to somebody in the passenger's seat. And if there's nobody you want to talk to at the moment, you can use it to listen to music stored on your cell phone or your Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player. It also has an iPod controller, but this is only available if you purchase the optional Ego iDapter kit. ­The Ego Flash is easy to set up and easy to use. Over the next couple of pages, we'll look at some of the features offered by the Ego Flash and see just how simple these gadgets really are.