10 Technologies that Bring the Family Closer

Is your family computer table this cozy?
Is your family computer table this cozy?

Family life is hard. Many of us get so wrapped up in our day-to-day lives that we unintentionally ignore the people who matter most. Maybe you haven't spoken to your sister in a while, or perhaps you never got back in touch with your uncle after you promised you would. Don't worry -- it happens to everyone, and you shouldn't start thinking of excuses to avoid your next family reunion. Instead, reconnect and strengthen your family bonds using modern technology.

To help you get some high-tech, high-quality family time, try using one of the tried-and-true technologies on this list. A little tech-shy? We'll show you how to use your online social network to reach out to relatives and how your music library can help your family stay in tune.

First up: family movie night!