10 Security Devices to Help Keep Your Family Safe



Guns are certainly an option for protecting yourself, your family and your home, but we think we'll leave that can of worms unopened on these pages. But if you're looking for an effective nonlethal weapon with which to deter intruders, a Taser might be for you. Yes, pepper spray and mace could very well incapacitate a trespasser, but you never know how strong the effect will be. Stun guns do the job, too, but the gun has to make physical contact with the victim, which could mean putting yourself in harm's way. With a Taser, you can be 15 feet (4.5 meters) away from the victim. Interestingly, a police study in New Zealand showed that in 80 percent of cases, perpetrators were scared away by the mere display of the Taser's laser sight [source: iTaser].