10 Security Devices to Help Keep Your Family Safe

Image Gallery: Dogs Although the old-school watchdog approach can help, it's a good idea to supplement it with some high-tech security. See more pictures of dogs.

The sky's really the limit these days in terms of the levels of defense you can install to protect your home and family. If you're just the least bit tech-savvy, you can equip your home with a surveillance system that only a few years ago would have cost thousands for a professional to install and monitor. Throw up a few Webcams around the outside of your house, and you could catch burglars in the act just by turning on your cell phone -- even if you're thousands of miles from home. But by the same token, you could thwart a robbery with a low-tech $10 door alarm.

So, what do you need to keep your home and family safe? A state-of-the-art home alarm system? A wireless doorbell equipped with a hidden camera? A baby monitor with a night vision camera? Mandatory iris scans for all visitors? It obviously depends on your situation and budget (and, let's face it, level of paranoia), but here are 10 options to consider -- from the bare-bones to the insanely high-tech -- if you want to beef up the defense around the people you love the most.