5 Durable Digital Cameras for Kids


Olympus Stylus Tough

If your child does this when you hand him a camera, he's probably too young for this particular model.
If your child does this when you hand him a camera, he's probably too young for this particular model.
Steve West/Taxi Japan/Getty Images

While this Olympus camera is technically for adults, it's also appropriate for tech-savvy older children. If your child really has an interest in photography and is responsible enough to take care of this camera, he'll enjoy the higher-quality images it produces compared to cameras that are geared toward kids.

When a camera has "tough" in its name, it better be durable, and that's the case with the Olympus Stylus Tough. It's waterproof for up to 10 feet and can survive a drop from 5 feet, which helps protect it against typical kid accidents. It also comes in a variety of colors for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

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