Do battery-saving apps really work?

Author's Note

I carried my first forearm-sized cell phone for six years. In that time, I never replaced the battery and charged it roughly 12 times. That's perhaps exaggerating a bit, but then, that particular phone was good for one thing -- phone calls. I never used it for movies, gaming or other heavy-duty tasks.

So it was a bit of a shock to graduate to a smartphone, only to find that I'd have to charge the thing twice per day. I actually conditioned myself to use it less and less in order to spare the battery's charge in the event I needed it for an emergency. But avoiding technology because you're afraid of short battery life seems silly.

Now, I know a lot more about ways to force my phone to sip power instead of sucking it down like mad. Between smarter manual strategies like dimming the screen to battery-saving apps, a single charge lasts much longer and keeps me much happier.

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