10 Off-the-wall iPhone Apps

Designated Dialer
Designated Dialer
Designated Dialer
Screenshot by Peter May

There are times when we must be saved from ourselves. One of those times is when we're sharing a few drinks with friends, armed with an iPhone that contains the phone numbers of dangerous people, such as ex-girlfriends, an arch-nemesis or an old boss. One too many beers and the next thing you know, you've got a dangerous character on the line and you're giving him or her a piece of your rather drink-addled mind.

This problem can be eliminated with Designated Dialer and just a bit of forethought. Prior to your next night out, install the app and select the contacts you determine you should avoid calling with less than a crystal-clear brain. Designated Dialer locks those contacts and, should you decide to place a call to one of them, it will instead dial a special toll-free number at which you will receive a message reminding you of your wise pre-planning. After sleeping it off, simply launch the app again and your contacts are unlocked and ready for sober, well-thought-out conversations.

Simple, yet highly effective, this is a crazy app that could save your life, or at least your dignity.

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