10 Off-the-wall iPhone Apps

Hold On!
Hold On!
Hold On!
Screenshot by Peter May

Here's a game that requires no special knowledge, no finely honed hand-eye coordination and no strategic thinking skills. In fact, all you need to score big is a steady hand and a lot of free time. Hold On is the iPhone game for the rest of us. Fire up the app and an efficient, simple screen appears. In the center is a button that says "Hold On." Place the digit of your choice on the button and hold on for as long as you can.

As you hold the button, the app displays a timer that is accurate to a millisecond. The goal is to see how long you can hold the button. Is it more difficult than it sounds? No. And that's the beauty of this unique gaming app. When you reach your limit, release the button and, if you wish, save your score for future reference. Given time, your scores are sure to increase.

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