How Digital Photobooks Work

Digital Family Tree Photobooks

A digital family tree photobook is more than just a photo album -- it's a history book, too. It tells the story of your family -- from several generations of your ancestors all the way to some of your recently born descendents.

There are several directions you can go with this kind of photobook, also referred to as a heritage album. Some genealogy search sites, like, have a function where you can print out your family tree and add photographs throughout. There are other companies you can hire to not only create a digital family tree photobook for you, but to research your ancestry as well. They will publish their findings, along with photos and records of your ancestors, in a customized book.

If you already have much of your family's information in your possession, an easy option would be to create your book using a digital photobook Web site or software. Many sites, like, offer a heritage album option. When it comes to designing your photobook's appearance, you can consider using antique-looking fonts and black, brown or faded backgrounds. You might also want to incorporate tree, map, flag and home images.

How you organize your family tree photobook is up to you. Perhaps you'll want to arrange it so that every branch of the family is grouped together in its own section. Maybe you'll want to devote an entire page to each ancestor, including not only photos of them but information such as their dates of birth, marriage and death and who their spouse, parents and children were. You can include scanned newspaper clippings in the layouts, as well as written family anecdotes or personal memories of a specific ancestor.

Family tree photobooks make excellent gifts, so don't forget to share yours either online, by e-mail or as a printed copy.

To learn more about digital scrapbooking and other options, look over the links below.

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